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About Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo was established in Japan in 1947, by "Kaiso" So Doshin, as a system for nurturing people with the "Teachings", "Techniques" and "Educational System".

Teachings (Philosophy)

The teachings of Shorinji Kempo are based on Kaiso's thoughts and philosophy: "Half for one's own happiness and half for the happiness of others" and "Righteousness without force is powerless, while force without righteousness is violence".

These words describe the way we should live and how we should be. These are the basic concepts of Shorinji Kempo.
It was Kaiso's teachings that we should establish ourselves to get confidence first, and then we all should help each other in order to build the "Ideal World" where we all live together in happiness.


The techniques of Shorinji Kempo, as those for self-defense, consists of the three systems: Goho (hard methods), Juho (soft methods) and Seiho (correcting methods). Both Goho, which mainly consists of tsuki (thrust) and keri (kick), and Juho, which mainly consists of nuki (escape), gyaku (twist), nage (throw) and katame (hold), are rational techniques based on various principles and are designed to enable a person to control the opponent regardless of the physical size or power.

Educational System

Shorinji Kempo develops spirits as well as physical bodies. It is not its goal to win competitions or to contest strength. Shorinji Kempo is to enjoy developing ourselves through learning the techniques with the partners. This is a unique style of learning which can be practiced only in self-defense techniques.

Shorinji Kempo, as a way to nurture people, was drawn up based on these concepts.Competing with others is not the goal of this system, but it aims to have the students get confidence and to encourage them by letting them find their potentials. By developing themselves through learning the techniques and philosophy under this system, the students will learn how to help others and even the society. This will lead them to have even further confidence and courage. "If the course of human events depends entirely upon the actions of people, then in order to establish the peace that we all long for, the only way is to develop as many people as possible with mercy, courage, and a sense of justice." - Doshin So. For more information, visit "What's Shorinji Kempo?" on the WSKO official website.