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North York Branch has opened in March 2004, as the third branch of Shorinji Kempo in Toronto area. The purpose of the branch establishment is to develop Shorinji Kempo in Ontario more widely and deeply.

Shorinji Kempo is a practice to develop the confidence to survive in our modern society and teaches one to act with regard for the self in relation with others, through learning practical martial arts.

The techniques of Shorinji Kempo are essentially for self-defence, and a match to judge the winner does not exist within it. However, you can acquire a skill to correspond to any practical situation by learning the rationally structured techniques. In addition, you do not need to worry about your age or gender when you start because the instruction is given according to your physical/mental conditions. You will develop your humanity as well by learning internal practice such as courtesy and discipline.

We aim to make the most enjoyable, and the most energetic dojo in the world while positively developing strength as a human being. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

For membership information, see the How Do I Join? page. No prior martial arts experience is required.


Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
6 Gramond Court
Toronto, Ontario M3C1Z5
(416) 441-2345

Wednesdays  7:00pm - 9:00pm (Multitask Room 2A, 2nd Floor)
Sundays        5:30pm - 8:00pm (Wood Dojo, 1st Floor)

7 yeeas old or older

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