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We clean the dojo before and after the class.

It is a practice of kenshi, and we clean as if we are cleaning our mind in the process.


Chinkon-Gyo (Meditation)

We try to stabilize our mind and harmonize our bodies and sprits by reciting the Scripture(Kyoten) in chorus in which the teaching of Shorinji Kempo is inscribed, and by doing mediation (zazen).



We do some excercise to warm up our bodies, as well as stretching.

Warm Up

Basic Practice

We practice basic techniques, including footwork, strikes, and block.

Acquiring the basic techniques is the most prioritized issue in our school.

Basic Practice

Pair Practice

Based on the curriculum book which was created by the Headquarters, we practice more practical techniques in pair. We practice how to attack and defend ourselves against the 'real' opponent. By doing this, we learn how to cooperate with others and develop each other, as well as how to correspond with a real physical attack.

Pair Practice

Application Practice and Randori

We practice how to apply the techniques that you learned in the paired practice to various situations, such as, when you are attacked in an irregular way, or when you are attacked by an opponent with an abnormal constitution. In addition, we do some 'Randori'(spar) in order to acquire more practical techniques. However, we NEVER judge who wins or loses.


Howa (Lecture)

The instructor provides a lecture related to philosophy, history, principles, techniques, and activities of Shorinji Kempo.