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How Do I Join?

I’m Interested to be a Shorinji Kempo Kenshi!

Currently, we’re accepting students 7 years and older, so if you’re interested in joining Shorinji Kempo and are old enough to do so, that’s great! First, contact the instructor, for a brief interview, and to get permission to watch the class in action. After class, speak to the instructor again about joining and for permission to join, including agreeing to branch policies.

What is the Difference Between an Official and Unofficial Student?

“Official” students are the students who have registered with WSKO (World Shorinji Kempo Organization), as well as the JCCC (Japanese Canadian Culture Centre).

Unofficial students are the new students who are trying out Shorinji Kempo, and have not registered with WSKO yet. These students can learn only basic techniques, and cannot participate in any official Shorinji Kempo events, such as annual seminars, grading exams, competitions, etc.

Unofficial students are required to pay the monthly JCCC fee, but do not pay the monthly WSKO / Shorinji Kempo class fee. The JCCC fee will vary depending on age and discounts chosen.

New students are given 2 weeks to 1 month to join the class unofficially to experience Shorinji Kempo, and are expected to come to a final decision to be an official WSKO member as soon as possible.

How do I Become an Official Shorinji Kempo Kenshi After Joining the Class?

Before becoming an official member of WSKO (World Shorinji Kempo Organization), you will need to fill out the WSKO registration form with a $26 registration fee. You also need to make sure you are a member of the JCCC (Japanese Canadian Culture Centre; JCCC membership fees vary. (Please see their site for details).

Official students are registered to WSKO and will pay an additional monthly fee to the WSKO / Shorinji Kempo class, in addition to the monthly fee for the JCCC.

  • The WSKO fee - Please check with the instructor.
  • The JCCC fee will vary depending on age and discounts chosen, if any. Additional answers to questions regarding the JCCC fees can be answered on the JCCC site or by calling the JCCC in person.

What are the Additional Costs?

Like all other disciplines, there are a few additional costs to being an official Shorinji Kempo member, but not to worry, because these will last a long while before having to be bought again!

Dogi (uniform)
Prices vary depending on size and quality.


  • $4 for the Curriculum Book
    (techniques, requirements, and philosophy for each level)
  • $16 for the Textbook
    (Principles of Shorinji Kempo, the philosophy, the history, technique explanations, etc.)

Prices vary depending on size and if additional accessories (i.e. bag) are purchased in addition, but is around $150.

Exam Fee
Varies depending on the level, and is only required to be paid when a student is taking an exam.

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